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"Lyrical and revelatory, it speaks to our times with a beautifully calibrated urgency."

- Neel Mukherjee, Book shortlisted author of
The Lives of Others

"An elegant, elegiac book"

- Preti Taneja, author of We That Are Young

Inspired by the life of architect Minnette de Silva, Shiromi Pinto’s Plastic Emotions unearths the forgotten story of an icon of 20th century architecture. Set in England, France, India and what was then Ceylon, Plastic Emotions charts de Silva’s relationship with Swiss modernist Le Corbusier and her efforts to build an independent Sri Lanka as it descends into political and social turmoil. 

Born in London and raised in Montreal, Shiromi has written short fiction for BBC Radio 4, the Victoria & Albert Museum and opendemocracy.net. Her first novel, Trussed, was reviewed as ‘audacious’ (The Independent), ‘brilliant’ (Diva) and ‘so cool that it hurts’ (The Times). She works full-time at Amnesty International in London. 


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